SBR wastewater treatment technology

The SBR wastewater treatment technology, which comprises approximately 80% of all small wastewater treatment plants installed is the most commonly used wastewater treatment method today.

The Klärmax® AirPro small wastewater plant is based on the SBR (sequential batch reactor) technology. Hereby the sludge is enriched with oxygen to set in motion a biological process. The plant features a pre-treatment coarse catch tank which also serves as buffer tank. The plate diffuser, sludge- and clearwater disposal are driven by an air pressure system.

Depending on the number of people connected, such a plant can comprise one or more tanks

There are no moving parts within the tank. Breakdowns inside the tanks are thus reduced to a minimum. The plant control is installed outside the tank and easily accessible at all times.

Advantages of the SBR Technology

  1. Above average treatment results
  2. Low cost investment
  3. Low tank volume
  4. Only two maintenance calls per year.
  5. Reliable, proven technology
  6. Robustly manufactured ensuring a long life.
  7. Highly efficient cleaning processes.
  8. Little maintenance.
  9. Automatic holiday and low intake mode.
  10. Wall holder for simple installation.
  11. Large sludge storage.
  12. Very small, silent compressor
  13. Very low electricity consumption.

Loading Phase

Treatment Phase

Settling Phase

Clear Water Disposal Phase