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Benefits of Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) Plants


  1. Low Capital and Operating Cost, Excellent potential of lesser payback period: SBR requires the low investment and operating costs as compared to any other technology, when compared on basis of outlet characteristics, material of construction, land required and power consumed; with any other type of technology.
  2. 50 % Power Reduction in Power Consumption: almost 50% power consumption in this technology as compared to any other technology providing such outlet quality of water.
  3. 50 % Reduction in Land Requirements: Land is valuable for urban area, this technology uses less land area compared to other conventional technologies, as it has compact units of treatment.
  4. 50 %Reduction in Man-Power: this technology is automatically operated and computer controlled. It does not require constant operator attention. Such level of plant automation
  5. Requires very few skilled persons per plant after providing them detailed training of plant operation.
  6. Reduction in Maintenance Cost: in this technology all underwater parts used are made of plastic with no mechanical parts. Such feature results as much higher plant life and low maintenance cost.
  7. Process Design to meet norms for reuse of treated water: Treated water quality (BOD<25,COD<50, SS<25, N & P Removal) is such that recycled water can be used for non-potable uses like horticulture, green belt development, industrial applications, gardening, toilet flushing etc.
  8. N & P removal: This technology offers in built co-current nitrification, de-nitrification and bio phosphorous removal mechanism that differentiate it from other technologies. In built Nitrogen/Phosphorous removal to prevent treated water from algae and other contamination, which provides solution for recycled water use in lake or pond development. It also has special ability to handle extremely high organic and hydraulic shock loads.
  9. Proven Reliability: Installed and smoothly operating systems in Kenya & globally.


    1. Low power consumption as a central blower is used to provide air for aeration as well as Air lift Mechanism (Mammut air lift principle) to transfer water from buffer to reactor, reactor to storage, and sludge from Reactor to Pretreatment.
    2. No pumps & Mechanical parts in the waste water, thus zero risk of pump failures.
    3. Low noise level
    4. Odorless systems that can be installed as close as possible to people’s living premises.
    5. No electrical within the waste water, all controls and electronics are installed in a control cabinet mounted outside the tank.
    6. Small footprints in m2 as four treatment steps are achieved in a single chamber (the reactor).
    7. Top slab can be utilized e.g. as a parking, cloth line, etc thus no space wastage.
    8. Clean recycled water for secondary purposes that exceeds NEMA requirements as it is designed to meet stringent European standards.
    9. Minimal maintenance
    10. Proven technology made in Germany