1. Strength of a Woman: Engineer Lucy Wanjiku

2. Women And Power: Gold in trash, Lucy Wanjikus recycling business

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3. Engineer turns sewage into lucrative venture

The system is biological and mimics nature. Just that faster air is provided by blowers that supply oxygen into the system tank, which means a process that would take in nature a couple of days, is accomplished in a day, producing clean water for secondary use, she says.

nstallation takes two to three days and varies in costs depending on the number of homes connected to the system. The smallest equipment that can cater for a population of 10 people costs about Sh390,000. For a stand-alone house, the system is installed at a cost of between Sh200,000 to Sh500,000 depending on a developer. Read more here

4. EcoCycle ltd embarks on Installation of 37.5m3 per day sewage treatment & recycling equipment at Qwanza Homes Ltd.

After successful completion of the underground cast in place chambered tank, EcoCycle ltd will this week install the equipment i.e control cabinet with automated controls and the air lift pumps assembly.

The client Qwanza homes Ltd is expecting occupancy of the 40 apartments to begin in September. All the black and grey water produced from the apartments shall be channeled to the centralized system, and the treated clean water reused for lawn irrigation and discharge to the public drain.

5. Moran court, Kitengela to Reuse recycled water from the 30m3 per day sewage treatment & recycling plant for flushing toilets & landscaping! Installed by EcoCycle.

Kitengela being a dry location with water shortages and challenges to maintain green lawns all year round, The developers of Moran court decided to overcome this. By installing the sewage recycling and treatment equipment from EcoCycle ltd, they will get clean water daily reusable for secondary purposes. Thus their water bills will be minimized, and residents will enjoy green leafy lawns all year round despite being in a dry location!

6. EcoCycle ltd wins contract to install 75m3 per day sewage treatment & recycling equipment at Bonito Properties, Kitengela.

This is a gated community with 60 Maisonettes. All the waste shall be channeled to the centralized sewage treatment & recycling plant, and the clean water reused for landscaping and recharging the seasonal river