Waste water recycling & treatment


Not only do we, design, install and maintain small sewer treatment plants up to 50 PE (people), but also XL-systems up to 5000 PE.

We install innovative, affordable onsite waste water treatment and recycling plants where there is no municipal sewer or as an alternative to municipal sewer lines, for small communities, subdivisions, apartment buildings, clustered residential developments, retail or wholesale trade centers, hotels, restaurants, offices, clinics, warehouses, light manufacturing, and other such premises. Our simple plug and play design is quick and easy to install while providing high tech controls and operation that produces treated effluent that exceeds typical treatment effluent requirements of the local regulations & NEMA.

Our time-tested and custom designed wastewater treatment plant German technology offers onsite wastewater treatment through the performance-proven SBR aerobic process producing High purification results. The SBR (sequencing batch reactor) has become the best-selling as well as the most common system for waste water treatment.