Environmental management & conservation

a. Enviroloo

TThis revolutionary toilet uses no water, electricity or chemical products. The Enviro loo runs on wind and sun alone. It is an evaporating and dehydrating toilet, which transforms human solid waste into a safe, neutral pathogen free material without the use of water, chemicals or electricity. It is a pollution free solution satisfying the dignity of mankind, rich or poor.

An ideal solution for parks, beaches, homes, schools, clinics, campsites, construction sites, humanitarian needs etc.

b. Drainage & plumbing maintenance

Clogged drains can create severe water damage to a home’s structure (such as the wiring) and can be a potential health risk. Problems caused by a clogged drain can be avoided by taking necessary steps of drain maintenance to prevent clogs from occurring. Prevention is not only easy to do, but can save one a lot of money in the long run! Ecocycle ltd offers preventative measures, by inspecting and maintaining plumbing and drainage at premises once every six months, or once a year, by snaking drain lines for any buildups that can lead to a clog. For major connections, such as septic tank or main pipe to the sewer system, more frequent periodic inspections are done. We also offer Repair and fixing of failed plumbing works.

c. Consultancy

Consultancy services in waste water recycling as well as other environmental related matters