Environmental management & conservation

This entails repairs, services and maintenance for the buildings. Through qualified technical versatility and reliability.We offer monitoring, inspection, servicing and repair of all technical facilities, e.g. electrics, heating, plumbing, etc.

We also offer cleaning services for the same as follows:

Classic routine cleaning – i.e. the cleaning service that buildings require at regular intervals. Not only does it contribute to maintaining the value and appealing atmosphere of your building, it also greatly increases the sense of well-being of the occupants.

Window cleaning :Together with clients we will establish the optimal cleaning rota to keep their windows gleaming.Apart from the windows, the frames, jambs, rubber seals, sills and blinds will be cleaned. .

Facade cleaning :-The cleaning and upkeep of facades maintains not only their appearance but also their structure. Using modern machinery we will make sure that even the most tenacious dirt is gently removed.